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Code of Conduct

The main purpose of the forums is for players to communicate and help each other. Our aim is for you to be able to have fun in a friendly and secure environment. Please take the time to read the Code of Conduct and follow it carefully.

The Jagex Forum Code of Conduct explains what is and is not acceptable behaviour within the Jagex Forums. A link to the Forum Specific Rules can be found at the top of each of the forums; these contain additional rules specific to that forum. You should read the Forum Specific Rules for each forum, before posting, to make sure you are aware of what is and what isn't allowed in each forum.

The Code of Conduct is easy to follow and should hold the answers to most of your forum-related questions.

We urge all users to treat others as they would like to be treated and enjoy being part of our gaming community.

We hope you enjoy using our forums.

Many thanks from Jagex Community Management.

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The Forum Rules

Each rule is listed below, along with examples of possible offences. They are followed by some related questions and answers to help you understand the rule and its effects.

The following guidelines are not all-inclusive and may not address all manner of inappropriate behaviour. Please remember that you must always treat others with the same respect and courtesy you would wish to receive.

Macroing and use of bots or third-party software

You must not use any other program, or tool which gives you an unfair advantage over others.

You must not attempt to use other programs (e.g. bots, macros or autominers) in conjunction with our games to give yourself an unfair advantage. Also, you may not circumvent any of our mechanisms designed to automatically log out inactive users.

Discussing or advertising any such software or activities is not allowed on the forums. Any posts about these subjects will be removed and action may be taken against your account as posting about it may only encourage the use of such software.

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Real-world trading, or buying power-levelling

Exchanging Jagex items or benefits in other online games, for real-life money/items or other real-life services is not allowed.

You should never give your account details to someone in order for them to obtain items for you, or increase the levels of your character.

This includes any item, or service not within a Jagex Ltd product.

Remember that your Jagex account, and anything that goes with it, remains the property of Jagex Ltd.

We don't want our games to allow players to buy their way to success; if we let players start doing this it devalues the game for others. We feel that your status in real life shouldn't affect your ability to be successful in the game.

Can I offer in-game rewards for forum games/threads?

No, exchanging out- of-game benefits for in-game rewards is against the rules and is considered a form of real world trading.

Can I get someone else to level up my account for me?

No, this is power levelling and is considered cheating.

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Buying, selling or sharing an account

Each account must only be used by ONE person the person who created it!

You may not sell, transfer, swap or lend your account to anyone else, and you may not accept an account that anybody else offers you.

We have this rule for two reasons. Firstly, many of the accounts that people try to sell are actually accounts they have stolen. By buying the account, you are helping them profit from their crime and encouraging them to do it again!

Secondly, this rule is for your protection. People who share their accounts run the risk of losing them, because either the person using the account won't give it back, or they will break a game rule, causing your account to be banned.

Can I post on behalf of another user?

You cannot post in the forums on behalf of another user. Posting is a privilege reserved for members and qualifying free players. If the other person is allowed access to the forums, they can post for themselves. This also applies for any other accounts you may own.

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Exploiting a bug

You must not exploit, attempt to exploit, or advertise any errors/faults/bugs you encounter in our software.

This includes giving other players step-by-step instructions on how to find and/or abuse them.

Any exploits that you find must be immediately reported to Jagex via the Bug Report system. There is no need to post your problem or opinion about an in-game glitch on the forums; it will not solve the problem.

You should report any bug, either in-game or on the website, by using the 'Report a bug/fault' link from the website.

We obviously want to fix any bugs as quickly as possible. Using the 'Report a bug/fault' system ensures that your report is seen promptly by the bug-fixing staff. If you post it on the forums, they might not see it at all!

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Jagex staff impersonation

You must not impersonate, or attempt to impersonate a Moderator of any kind.

We have this rule in place so that players who require help or advice can be sure it is coming from an appropriate source.

All posts by Jagex Moderators have a gold background. They have a gold crown next to their username and the title 'Jagex Mod'.

All posts by Forum Moderators have a green background. In addition, there is a small green crown next to their username and they have the title 'Forum Mod'.

Please remember that a Moderator will never ask for your account password, or your contact information. Anybody who does should be reported immediately. This also applies if a character says that their 'other account' or 'main' is a Jagex Moderator. We do not have 'undercover staff', nor will a gold crown ever be 'in processing'.

Backseat Moderation

Attempting to act like a Moderator on the Forums is inappropriate. While your intentions may be good, you will only provoke arguments and flaming due to your lack of actual FMod status. If you come across something severe that requires an FMod's immediate attention, please use the appropriate system to report it.

Please leave the moderating to the Moderators and enjoy your time on the Forums instead.

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Password, account, bank PIN or item scamming

You must not ask for another players' password, trick another player into revealing their password, ask another player for their recovery answers, ask another player for their bank PIN, or use any programmes/websites to steal passwords.

You must not attempt to deliberately mislead another player to gain their items or money.

You may not advertise items for sale, which you do not actually possess. You may also not ask for payment in advance for any goods or services.

We want our games to be fun, and being scammed is anything but fun.

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Advert blocking

You must not deliberately block or hide the adverts that appear above the free version of our game. If you have advert blocking software, please prevent it from blocking adverts on our website. The adverts above the free game are what enable us to keep it free after all. If you find an advert which is causing offence or any other problems, please send in an advert complaint using the form on the main website and we will investigate the problem involved.

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Encouraging others to break the rules

You must not encourage your fellow players to break any of the Pillars of Conduct rules.

You may not encourage others to break any of the rules.

Examples of encouraging others to break any of the rules include:

  • Convincing other players that the rules are different to what they actually are.
  • Flaming other players (trying to get a reaction from other players by using offensive language against them.)
  • Posting to say that you've broken a rule and got away with it.
  • Anything that promotes rule breaking in a positive manner.

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Offensive language or behaviour

You must not behave in any way which may be considered offensive, racist, obscene or otherwise inappropriate while in the game, on the forums or while using customer support.

This includes swearing, discrimination, and deliberately bypassing the language filter.

Also, you must not post about any subjects that may cause offence to your fellow players. This includes discussion of any activities which are illegal or which could cause harm to health or property. In addition we will not tolerate any form of spamming, or other disruptive posting behaviour on the Forums.

We have this rule to maintain a pleasant environment in the Forums. There is no excuse for using inappropriate language or posting about subjects that are not suitable for players of a wide range of ages and nationalities.

Can I discuss real world issues such as politics or religion?

No. While such debates can be a healthy part of everyday conversation, they may cause offence to some of our players. These sorts of discussion can also get very heated, particularly online, and this can cause people to flame one another, which is clearly inappropriate. Please do not discuss real life issues, particularly politics or religion.

Can I post quest walkthroughs?

No. Although you can hint at the best way to complete a quest, giving step-by-step guides is not in the spirit of the game. All players should strive to complete a quest using their own skill and ingenuity. Knowing exactly how to do a quest beforehand, can make the quest less enjoyable. We want everyone to be proud of the achievements they have earned themselves.

Account Issues

In addition to the rules above, you must not post about any account issues you may have on the Forums. Your account and its current status is a private matter between you and Jagex. As such, you should visit the appropriate section of our website to resolve your issue.

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Misuse of forums

You must not misuse our Official Forums. The Forum Code of Conduct (linked at the top of the Forums) clearly details exactly what is and what is not acceptable behaviour. Although we aim for a fun and friendly atmosphere, you must remember that the main purpose of the forums is for players to communicate with one another in a safe and secure environment.

This includes the harassment of Moderators, as using the forums to attack them is not what it is for. This type of behaviour will not be tolerated in the slightest.

This is because a Moderators actions are limited by Jagex and any action they take against a player on the Forums is due to strict Jagex guidelines.

Please note that Moderators and their actions are monitored by Jagex, so any inappropriate actions or behaviour will be dealt with by us.

What about my freedom of speech?

Since Jagex owns and operates these private forums, the company reserves the right to decide what may or may not be posted.

This is not a breach of your freedom of speech; it is simply to protect all players from content which they might find offensive or inappropriate. Remember that our games are enjoyed by players of many ages and nationalities; please respect that others may not have the same point of view as you do.

A Mod took action against my thread and I disagree; can I create a thread to contest this?

No. All moderators follow a strict set of procedures, set out by Jagex. We monitor all actions taken and we will take any appropriate action if necessary. Creating threads to complain about a Moderator is against the rules and will not be tolerated.

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Asking for or providing personal contact information

You must not exchange or give out any personal information or contact details on the Forum.

We have this rule in place to protect the privacy and safety of all players. Giving out personal information can put your account security at risk. It is also potentially dangerous to give your contact information to people you do not know.

Personal details are considered to include full name, your age/date of birth, email addresses, instant messenger screen names/game tags/contact details, telephone numbers or your home/school address.

To ensure fairness to all players, *all* instances of personal contact information will be hidden for the players protection, and to prevent encouragement of sharing further personal details.

Can I give out a friend's contact information?

No. Your friend is entitled to their privacy. Posting their details may risk their internet security and no one wants that.

First Names

There is certainly no harm in asking another player's first name, especially if you have been friends for a while and if they have a really random name (such as one made up of numbers).

Is it OK to ask which country someone lives in?

Asking for the country where someone lives is OK, as it would be impossible to locate you from this information alone.

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Breaking real-world laws

You must not break the law. This includes selling stolen items, drugs, or breaking any other national or international law.

Breaking real-world laws can get you into all sorts of trouble. Just as we here at Jagex have rules to keep you safe within our games, the laws in the real world exist to keep you and your community safe. The punishments in the real-world are, of course, a little more severe than in our games.

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Advertising Websites

You are not allowed to actively advertise websites in the Forums. This includes advertising any product or website. This includes naming, and general direction to a website via popular nicknames or encouraging searching.

Can I mention YouTube?

You may mention YouTube, but you may not direct anyone to any specific videos or pages on YouTube. The only exception to this rule are our official Jagex YouTube channels.

Can I mention fansites?

You may discuss recognised fansites on our forums. A complete list of recognised fansites can be found in the 'Fansite support information' thread in the General forum. Any discussion of fansites that do not appear on this list may be removed.

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Thank you for reading our Code of Conduct.
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