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Live Twitter Q&A
Jagex Mod

17-Aug-2010 11:45:30
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At 17:00 BST this Thursday (August 19th) Mod Rourke & Mod Dunk will be holding a live Question & Answers session via our OfficialJagex twitter account.
The session will last around one hour and will focus on Void Hunters but they welcome any other FunOrb related questions that you may have.
To take part simply log into twitter at 5PM UK time on Thursday and ask a question live. Or, if you either can't make it or don't use Twitter leave a question below and if we run out of live questions well start answering those.
A transcript of the questions and answers will be posted up below on Friday.
Jagex Mod

17-Aug-2010 11:54:37
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Thanks to everyone that took part, the questions and answers are below:

@Fasmix - When is the beta stage for Void Hunters going to be over?
Void Hunters BETA stage has no set timeframe, but it's likely to go straight to a full launch from BETA quite soon. [Rourke]

@yakhunta - Will we ever be able to join clan chats on FunOrb?
Currently there are no plans to incorporate clan chat on FunOrb. [Rourke]

@yakhunta - Will Hold the Line ever become a multiplayer game? How soon will the Void Hunters beta end? (That's all, thanks! =D)
Hey Arthur. Hold the Line is likely to stay single player for the foreseeable future - we've no plans to update it. [Rourke]

@OrbMore - Will we see a bunch of VH-related Orb Downloads?
Currently no additions to Orb Downloads for Void Hunters are planned. [Rourke]

@OrbMore - Are VH rated games expected to be p2p only, like they were in Tomb Racer, or for everyone?
Void Hunters won't have traditional rated games like in arcanists or AOG - the member/p2p split will be done differently [mod_dunk]

@OrbMore - Are members going to get any specific benefits in the full version of VH (i.e. new chassis, more weapons)?
Members will have access to new ship chassis and other features. [Rourke]

@OrbMore - Will you consider an option for less nebula/asteroids in VH
One thing we'd like to have is an extended set of mutators. It's just something I haven't had time to look at yet. [mod_dunk]

@yakhunta - Any updates on the FunOrb Lobby? What's the next games that will have a resizeable option added? ;)
In future most games we develop will have high-resolution options. No plans to convert any other existing titles yet. [Rourke]

@siganiv - What happened to Dungeon Assault II?
Dungeon Assault 2 is currently in development. It's a BIG game! ;) [Rourke]

@OrbMore - After Void Hunters is ready, what will Mod Dunk & Mod Rourke work on? New things or known games-in-progress?
Rourke is the producer at FunOrb, so it's his choice as to what I'll be working on next. It's likely a new project :) [mod_dunk]

@LiaMM_ - Any plans to incorporate lobby chat when searching for a rated game on funorb? :)
No plans to enable lobby chat during searching for rated games. [Rourke]

@DenUsynlige - Any news on FunOrb Central? Hows development going on it?
We are still considering our options for how we want community features to work at this time. [Rourke]

@OrbMore - Do you think it's normal that missiles and fighters detect enemy ships while you yourself don't?
Fighters are intended to function as scouts and harassment. Missiles lock on to targets in a small range. [mod_dunk]

@Jimmy_Eppley - Could we possibly see an Arcanists for iPhone?

Whilst we have plans for Arcanists, an iPhone version is unlikely, at least in the short to medium term. Multiplayer games haven't really taken off on iDevices yet, but we'll keep our eye on things. :) [Rourke]

@OrbMore - Will you continue to balance the weapons in Void Hunters (if needed), like you did with the Bomblet Spray?

The best games are continually balanced for months or even years after release - e.g. starcraft - so yes hopefully :P [mod_dunk]

@Zeyrawr - Do you find fanart of Funorb/RuneScape to be a good thing?
Fanart is truly awesome. I'm a huge fan of fanart (sounds a bit strange putting it that way! ;) [Rourke]

@[Shady Ikov] from forums The F2P split is designed to give as fair an experience as possible, with extra p2p content and features [mod_dunk]

@OrbMore - Are any changes to the "Blueprint Assault" mode planned?
The next update will separate the blueprint modes off from the regular modes, allowing players to play what they want :) [mod_dunk]

@Fishrock123 - When can I expect an iPad version of arcanists? :D
I love the idea of an iPad version of Arcanists, but sadly it's not on the cards at the moment. [Rourke]

@[Gorix the G] from forums: Armour can be attached like hull pieces can, and absorbs all damage. However, it slows down your ship [mod_dunk]

@OrbMore - Are you thinking about making achievements that are "just for show", as in being worth 0 Orb Points?
In a nutshell, no, we're not. ;) [Rourke]

@OrbMore - Are there more achievements expansions planned for existing games? (like the recent Arcanists one)
Not currently. [Rourke]

@OrbMore - Any news about Haxxors?
Haxxors didn't make it out of the concept stage I'm afraid. [Rourke]

@Puzzler0625 - sorry that my question is late but id like to know if you have plans for pool, tetrallink and chess. As in removal or updates
No plans for these games at the mo. [Rourke]

@Capt_Orbsome - I'm loving the new AoG and Arcanists minisites, will we be seeing anymore?
I would expect more microsites at some point, yes. :) [Rourke]
@[Kaffeekuchen] from forums: Ship collision did originally do damage, but it was easily abusable, especially with power plants :) [mod_dunk]

17-Aug-2010 15:30:37
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Ugh if only I had a Twitter account :P.
Oh and that hyperlink just leads to this thread. O_o

17-Aug-2010 15:32:02
Great idea, I will be there!
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17-Aug-2010 15:43:14
Well spotted, Dananacroid. I've fixed the link and set fire to Mod Ajd - he won't forget that in a hurry. ;-)
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17-Aug-2010 17:58:29
Oi Mod Gabriel - no flaming on the forums! Hehe. ;P

17-Aug-2010 18:15:21
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Lol, who knew J-Mods could be so much fun? :P
Gabriel - You get to fire people? Cool, I want your job :P.

17-Aug-2010 18:54:46
Here are three of questions for you in case you run out of ones to answer at any point during the Twitter Q&A:
How much longer will the Void Hunters beta go on for?
After the beta ends, how long, roughly (because I am well aware that you can never really be 100% sure when a game will be ready due to bugs springing up and such), should we expect to wait before the proper Void Hunters game is released?
What parts of it will be F2P?

17-Aug-2010 19:44:00
Note: When you're logged in and you click on the link on the announcement, it logs you out. (I think I just got someone else fired ;))
Anyways, to my question:
1. Have we already seen everything that's going to be in the actual game, or are there some special items or features that you guys decided to keep secret and do QA yourselves?

17-Aug-2010 20:02:29
I know that i'm just a lowly freeplayer, but i'll ask a couple questions anyway :P
1: one thing i've noticed messing around in the sandbox is that hull pieces can be stacked but armor cannot. How does armor work exactly? Does it block all damage from that spot or is it just slightly stronger than hull pieces?
2: not related to void hunters, but when you updated arcanists to be resizable (like runescape) that option doesn't show up in the settings menu, just normal and full screen.
I hope you can answer my questions, and there's a penguin spai on your shoulder :0
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