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The Mod Family Tree

24-Nov-2009 12:49:59
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~~~~~~~~* The Mod Family Tree*~~~~~~~~~
V 1.96a

~ Andrew
~ Paul

~ Korpz

~ Thomas

~ iSpecter


Jealous ex-wife
~ Raven O_o


~ Sallyd
~ Rayosun
~ De Alexis
~ Star

Ugly Stepsisters
~ Pedro

Mama`s boy (Johny Bravo)
~ Markg ( whoa Momma ;) )

Evil twin
~ Flame

Younger brother
~ TheSomethingCube

Older-younger brothers
~ Levante
~ Cursed Pride
~ Mr Kokaly
~ Cjthegreat4

Older brother
~ Mega Lamb

~ Craddock
~ Artifice
~ Socrates

~Laura W

~ Mark Gerhard

Distant relations
~ Amor et Vita
~ Hedge Hunter
~ Unverse
~ Spam Hurts

An Android who had terminated Cursed Pride and assumed his appearance and identity.
~ Cursed Pride

~ Gax (I don't know why exactly...O_o )

Adopted child
~ Timbo :3

Deceased (Rip mod stevew)

Posing Father

note: this is from the f mods
and i edited it..
~~~~~~~ mods Family tree ~~~~~ not completed...
mod nirdgirl
mod davrok
mod vega
mod benrw
mod smudger
mod qualk
mod sporx
mod lain
mod erki
mod crispy
mod pete s
mod ben
mod jamie
mod zeph
mod wivlaro
mod le foosh
mod rourke
mod thaddues

more mods....guys you may suggest what position in the family tree they will be...

and add to the fact this will be an interesting discussion

future update: funorb developer mods.
coming soon ( just been busy in the past days )
Trs and kot0 members may create their own family tree..
(just give a little credit to me ;))

(sooooo many mods......i knew it i needed reserves )
may create a new thread....if this post count gets full )
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Forum Mod

24-Nov-2009 14:22:54
*Starts calling Raven Mommy*
Forum Mod

24-Nov-2009 14:29:47
Mommy Raven, can i has more food pls? :3

24-Nov-2009 14:40:30
Mummy raven can i have that worm you ate 10 minutes ago (regurgitation ftw)

24-Nov-2009 15:06:53
Lol OO
Slightly Disturbing, but funny 2 :p
Jagex Mod

24-Nov-2009 15:29:07
Hi Ephraim683,
It would be quite scary if that actually was my family. O_o Thankfully my mother looks nothing like Raven. ;) It's interesting that Sallyd is a sister whereas I'm an uncle. Do I come across as being a lot older than her? I guess it could be worse. At least I wasn't granddad Craddock.
The family tree could also use some fairy tale additions. We need a wicked stepmother, a fairy godmother and some ugly sisters.
Happy gaming. :)
Mod Craddock
Jagex Mod

24-Nov-2009 16:21:00
Oh yuck, that's put me right off my food!!
My eyes!!!!
~Mod Markg~

24-Nov-2009 16:27:40
Last edited on 24-Nov-2009 16:28:03 by [#9YKB8JJ39]
Uh, Raven is a boy:|
He should be the half insane grandpa

24-Nov-2009 19:54:52
funny :P
Jagex Mod

24-Nov-2009 20:17:49
Last edited on 24-Nov-2009 20:18:39 by ModRaven
~ Raven "
Have people confused my agenda again? It's the dress isn't it? Or is it the lipstick? I always said I was more of a winter, but they insist on giving me bright colours*.
= Raven =
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