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So.. you still get $$ from FO_

23-Jun-2012 08:16:43
Jagex, you know, just making money from FunOrb members.. every month. Buuttt, you know, they randomly decided to stop doing anything to FunOrb. I quit playing around the time AoG was released. I come back and everything is the exact same as I left it.. 18 months ago. I'm glad you're still making money from people paying for FunOrb membership, you know, and you don't update it or anything. It's a good thing you're giving us our bang for our bucks. I'm currently paying for TWO member accounts, monthly recurring. I'm also currently disappointed in Jagex for letting FunOrb get THIS dead. But whatever, I'm still out there playing Arcanists up to my full potential. With the same old people.. never anyone new*****;== BECAUSE IT's NEVER UPDATED. That's all I really wanted to say. I doubt it'll do anything, really. :|
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23-Jun-2012 13:44:33
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02-Jul-2012 08:38:15
I used to have the reduced funorb price*
*** has a guarantee that if your membership ends for more than a week you lose it. I thought the same was true for FunOrb.
I had to switch cards.
And cancel it for a second*
*** kept the old price, FunOrb didn't.
ffs lol

03-Jul-2012 06:12:25
I have been a FunOrb member for 4 years straight. But I pay 4.95$ it used to be 4 even I think.....

14-Nov-2012 01:59:15
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14-Nov-2012 02:22:52
offence noted^.

14-Nov-2012 02:31:54
It used to be $3 flat with a credit card I believe.

16-Dec-2012 12:03:27
^ Yep, I remember when that was the case. Rates for both RS and FO have since gone up with inflation.
Still, I have to wonder how many FO members there are. Let's generously say 500 -- that's a maximum of $2500 a month, which would barely support a single staff member let alone allow for a profit margin, server maintenance, etc.

04-Mar-2013 04:38:02
Sorry they were making a successful game but managed to break it and turn it into a flop. (Ace of Spades I'm looking at you).
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31-Mar-2013 17:44:20
Currently, members still pay for the benefits of the members forums, full screen mode on games, added content on each game which varies, new achievements and so on.
Jagex have talked about revamping the website, and adding new games both on tablets and the website starting earliest in 2014. Let's see how that comes into play! :) The game isn't dead, there's still a community and still lots of things to do regardless of the updates!

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