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What happened to FunOrb..?

25-Aug-2013 00:11:30
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FunOrb was once just a beautiful place to reside to and enjoy all of the free, wonderful games. After Void Hunters, there was only one or two updates then at least a year of no updates at all!

Now, look at how many people are actually playing FunOrb. Averagely around 150 people playing on any game whilst logged in; it is ridiculously hard to find rated game or even get a game started in some games at all!

Will Jagex ever do something to rectify the massive population drop? Will FunOrb ever be updated again? If there was going to be some effort to re-populate FunOrb to its older glory, I'll definitely buy membership again!

30-Sep-2013 21:33:19
Jagex do have plans for funorb

But they said the earliest they could work on funorb is 2014, so no one knows if or let alone when they are coming back

01-Oct-2013 00:54:41
i just reactivated my account after three years because i wanted to play funorb again...then i found out funorb hasn't been updated since i stopped playing? ok, i'm gonna go back to playing xbox.

02-Oct-2013 18:32:46
They are working on bigger scale games. :)

05-Oct-2013 23:19:44
Jagex were pretty cool when they first released Runescape. It was fun for a couple years, but for the past 10 years, Jagex slowly but surely was just less and less reliabe. I feel like no one likes them anymore, and for decent reasons i think.

23-Oct-2013 02:04:02
Let's hope for 2014. I'd like to get back onto this game too.

09-Dec-2014 16:11:19
A new game and a new FMod and JMod being assigned to the forums..

2015; The Year of Funorb?
Forum Mod

09-Dec-2014 19:03:31
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Q Kue Q: This is a quote from the thread in General:

Original message details are unavailable.
Please do not read my moderation here as a sign that Jagex will shift more focus towards FunOrb than they previously have done. I have not heard about any plans for FunOrb, but as long as the site is running I'm determined to offer my assistance together with the current F-Mod team. Though, one can hope!

I also have to stress that there's currently no Jagex Moderator assigned to FunOrb - merely a very dedicated developer who found time to finish up a project he started ten years ago :).

20-Nov-2016 07:42:11
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