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Regarding absence of response

23-Jun-2013 21:49:35
I have noticed that all of the legitimate forum posts regarding the empty server list on every game (making them unplayable) have not gotten moderator responses. I have also sent in a bug report to Jagex, thinking this was just my computer. I would like to know what is going on, and. more importantly, if I should cancel my FunOrb subscription. I really shouldn't be paying money for an inoperable website. If a moderator could please respond and fill me in, I'd be very thankful. :)

26-Jun-2013 02:12:33
Jagex abandoned funorb at the start of december 2010 when all the mods got moved.

The game server list is currently bugged and the only way to access the games is to manually enter the link for which ever game you want to play.

31-Oct-2013 02:14:37
I hope to see the return of FunOrb soon. I'd really like to get back into the gaming spirit!

29-Apr-2014 10:36:51
There are quite a few player ran event groups that take requests for the next game they advertise on here. May be worth checking it out; they're a friendly bunch. :)
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