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Jagex Lite
Jagex Lite

You’re probably here because you want to find out more about this forum. Well look no further as below we’ve laid out some handy tips that’ll have you posting like a forum legend in no time.

We know people love asking Jagex Moderators questions and so we’ve set an entire forum aside for just that. So, if you’ve got a burning question to ask us, then get posting.

More of
  • Requests for information from Jagex, such as rule clarifications or questions about certain changes. Of course, we can’t guarantee we’ll respond to every post.
  • Light hearted chat between Jagex and players, while of course still keeping the forum rules in mind. ;)
Less of
  • Discussion about accounts. We can’t discuss any specifics relating to an account on public forums.
  • Discussion about RuneScape, just use the RuneScape forums! :D
  • Requests for commercially sensitive information. For obvious reasons really.