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Void Hunters update log
Jagex Mod

28-Jul-2010 17:30:07
Update information for: ~ 28/07/2010 ~
• Improved robustness with out of sync and disconnect issues.
• Removed the debug “End” key.
• Fixed the mouse wheel issue that simultaneously scrolled both the map zoom and chat window.
• Pop up tool tips now activate quicker.
• Reduced the Bomblet Spray damage by 50%.
• Added a new assassination game mode.
Since releasing the beta of Void Hunters, my main priority has been fixing the connection issues found during multi-player games. This update should address these, but if you're still encountering problems, make sure to post in the beta bugs thread on this forum.
After extensive feedback from the forums, I decided to rebalance the bomblet spray weapon. I'll be keeping an eye on the forums to see what you guys think. ;)
Last but not least, this update includes a new game-mode, "Assassination", where teams take it in turns to defend or attack a player-controlled VIP ship.
Enjoy :)
Mod Dunk
FunOrb Developer
Jagex Mod

05-Aug-2010 17:13:33
Update Information for: ~ 05/08/2010 ~
• New option to switch between Software and Open GL render modes.
• New lobby chat function added to sandbox mode.
• New lobby icon added for players chatting from Sandbox mode.
• The TAB key now toggles the chat window for spectators.
• Minor server side changes.
• Spawn protection and randomised location.
• A closed chat box does not accept keyboard inputs unless it is opened.
• Asteroids now damage saw blades.
• Fixed a graphical glitch with ship trails.
• Fixed a miscalculation with ship rotation.
• Removed chat sound for the lobby.
• Optimised ship collisions.
• The VIP in assassination is now chosen randomly.
• Added Blueprint Assault game-mode!
This update includes a combination of fixes, tweaks and new features.
The most exciting experimental change is the chat feature in sandbox. Players in sandbox can be seen from the lobby, and show up with a special icon. This allows you to play around in the sandbox while waiting for a game.
Also... the much awaited blueprint assault mode is now available.
Be sure to have a good blueprint ready :)
Mod Dunk
Void Hunters Developer
Jagex Mod

11-Aug-2010 18:01:19
Update Information for: ~ 11/08/2010 ~
• Fixed a game crash caused by pressing Ctrl + R when the game is out of sync.
• Fixed F2P in-game pause menu hang bug.
• Fixed a bug where previous chat text appeared in-game as a block of text.
• Added ship complexity display to sandbox mode (located top left corner).
• Changed health bars to be visible when zoomed out.
• Fixed an issue with grappling hooks not retracting properly.
• Fixed an issue with held components disappearing while repairing or chatting.
• Added a deployment limit of 20 fighters per player to improve performance.
• Simplified fighter AI to improve performance.
• Removed fighter collision with ships on the same team to improve performance.
• Fixed an issue to prevent invalid builds caused by blueprints with saw blades overlapping certain components. (As the blade rotated, components could be attached where you shouldn't be able to)
• Removed OpenGL graphics mode option from clients using unsigned applets as this option is only available to signed applets.
(unsigned applets never actually had OpenGL, the button just made it look selectable)
• Improved Blueprint assault bases.
Game modes added to Void Hunters Beta:
• Assault
• Double Assassination.

This update brings a bunch of bug fixes and changes to reduce the performance hit of fighters. A couple of simple game-mode variations are also available to play in multi-player.
Have fun :)
Mod Dunk
Void Hunters Developer
Jagex Mod

26-Aug-2010 15:54:49
Update Information for: ~ 26/08/2010 ~
Void Hunters Beta Bug Fixes and Changes:
• Fixed graphical issue which caused graphics to be rendered as dots on certain graphics cards.
• Users are now able setup games either war game modes or blueprint game modes.
• New lobby option icons have been added for war, blueprint and multiplayer sandbox modes.
• The AI is able to deploy fighters again.
• Removed fighter chatter audio sound effect on the main menu whenever a fighter appears.
• Fixed a game issue caused by joining a game straight after reconnecting.
• Fixed an issue which caused some ship designs to have unlimited energy while firing lasers.
• Fighters are now unable to attack ships that hide in nebulae.
• Blueprint rebuilding logic has been improved.
• Blueprint rebuilding no longer removes components that does not conflict with the blueprint design.
• Fixed a game crash issue caused by reconnecting with high lag.
Game modes added to Void Hunters Beta:
• Blueprint Showdown
• Multiplayer Sandbox
In this update, we have split the war modes (original game modes) and blueprint modes into separate buttons when you create a new game. This will give you, as the player, the power to choose the type of games you would like to play. :-D
We have also added a multiplayer sandbox mode for you and your friends to hang out, build, blow up asteroids and to generally discuss the finer points of building the ultimate death giving machine.
In regards to bug fixes, we have finally addressed the graphical issue that caused only hard point dots to be rendered on certain graphics cards. Thank you to all, who helped contribute information about this bug! :)
Have Fun and Stay Classy!
Mod Ken
Void Hunters QA
Jagex Mod

09-Sep-2010 18:19:52
Update Information for: ~ 9/09/2010 ~
Void Hunter Bug Fixes and Changes:
• Grappling hook ropes will now snap if extended too far.
• We have fixed a minor issue to the maximum size limit.
• Fixed the team selection screen for Blueprint games.
• Added a numeric ping display to the score board (accessible by pressing F1 during a game).
• Fixed the issue which caused Blueprint games in progress to change into War games and vice versa.

Hi all,
Here is a list of updates to Void Hunter this week. More stuff to follow soon! :-)
Stay Classy FunOrb,
-Mod Ken
Jagex Mod

15-Sep-2010 18:08:01
Last edited on 15-Sep-2010 18:08:41 by Mod Dunk
Update Information for: ~ 15/09/2010 ~
• Void Hunters released!
• Added tutorial for new players.
• Added 4 new members only ship chassis.
• Added Free to play access to multiplayer war games.
• Changed Blueprint and Multiplayer Sandbox modes to be members only.
Thanks to everyone who took part in the beta and gave me valuable feedback and bug reports :)
The game is now out of beta and available to everyone!
Enjoy :D

Play Void Hunters now

Mod Dunk
Void Hunters Developer
Jagex Mod

20-Oct-2010 17:29:35
Last edited on 20-Oct-2010 17:31:35 by Mod Dunk
Update Information for: ~ 20/10/2010 ~
• Improved laser visuals and damage.
• Fix for lasers sometimes passing through polygon edge joins.
• Fix for projectiles occasionally passing inside objects.
• Fix to correctly position spectator help text.
• Players in single player sandbox mode can now receive game invites (they can directly accept or reject games with a new UI).
• Rollover tooltips for sandbox players shown in the lobby.
• Greatly reduced the game-state download size. Now reconnects and mid-game joins should be much faster.
• Fix for two bugs that caused reconnect crashes.
• Improved multiplayer stability.
• Minor server side update.
• Fix to prevent stacking explosion effects by only allowing 1 sound of a type to play on the same tick.
• Saws balanced to only do damage when spinning.
• Added Hold the Component mode.
• Stop mission critical players from self destructing (eg. VIPs).
• Added team auto balancing (at the start of each mission, if a team is outnumbering the other by 1 person, then the best players of that team are reassigned).
• Increased visual effect for base destruction.
This update contains all the fixes and improvements that I've made since release.
Enjoy :D
Mod Dunk
Void Hunters Developer
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