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FunOrb News
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Find FunOrb official announcements here
1269,37815/07/18 10:37
Developer Forum
Chat to developers here
1,22315,34711/08/17 15:12
Contacting Jagex
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Contact Us
How to contact Jagex
112,42218/05/18 19:08
Discuss The Games
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Discuss Void Hunters here
97911,79411/08/17 15:14
Threads of magic!
15,514176,80712/07/18 08:22
Armies of Gielinor
Slow but sure moves the might of the threads
3,14340,77624/05/18 02:35
Steel Sentinels
Babel about Steel Sentinels here
2,00232,19310/06/18 23:21
Bachelor Fridge
Talk mouldy eggs and ham here
1,10613,77821/04/18 15:00
Kickabout League
4,36759,54516/07/18 23:01
The place to discuss and comment on action games
1,44316,98423/01/18 23:35
Discuss puzzle games here
3733,67111/08/17 15:18
Discuss shooters here
6466,32927/09/17 22:28
The place to discuss and comment on sport games
9077,57111/08/17 15:19
Discuss strategy games here
5,72049,22205/10/17 13:34
iPhone Games
iGame, iSaw, iConquered!
1181,13405/12/15 21:55
Player Support
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Forum Support
Request help from a Moderator
1,79010,13006/06/18 00:07
Technical Support
Ask for technical help here
2,03810,24711/08/17 15:44
Community Forums
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For all things FunOrb - not covered by other forums
4,18970,78314/07/18 08:27
The place for Teams, Groups, Clans, Corporations and similar activities
1,51976,32604/04/18 22:25
Player Events
Find an opponent here
79010,66501/10/16 07:14
Share your scores and achievements
4911,34115/07/16 06:41
Forum Games
Start your own or play an existing forum game
2,648248,24610/05/18 22:44
Off Topic
Any topic not related to FunOrb - but stick to the rules!
3,51963,34215/03/18 14:37
Stories and Roleplaying
Share your creative, fictional and Role-Playing stories here
2,334250,03327/05/18 18:14
Gold Forums
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Jagex Lite
Post non urgent general questions to Jagex here plus light-hearted chat about Jagex
3,47233,68306/06/18 00:05
Elite Clans
You've fought the rest, now join the best
518,04601/02/18 21:09
Jagex Events & Competitions
For all the latest info about J Mod events
446,62411/04/13 17:26
Your Feedback
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Recent Updates
Discuss recent updates here
3212,28719/07/15 21:15
Tell us about what in-game content you like here
1,0298,54711/08/17 15:51
Tell us about what in-game content you dislike here
3,25733,93022/05/18 05:16
Website and Forum Comments
Post your website or forum specific feedback
9827,85511/08/17 15:52
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Suggest New Games
Tell us what you want to play
2,34019,69223/01/18 23:29
Suggest Updates
Suggest updates for existing games here
3,32639,25511/08/17 15:52
Forum and Website Suggestions
Got any ideas for how to improve the website/forums? Post here!
8456,50323/03/16 07:56