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Achievements Online


This week sees the release of a website feature that we know you've been waiting for: the ability to see your Achievements online! Simply click on the 'Community' link at the top of the FunOrb front page and select 'Achievements' to view them in all their glory.

The FunOrb Forums have also been added to the Community Section of the FunOrb website.

Your Achievements are listed by game, and the system allows you to filter them by members-only Achievements, or by the number of Orb Points awarded. There is also a 'Compare' function which shows your Achievements side-by-side with those of someone from your Friends List, or anyone else you know.

This system will also form the backbone of a number of other planned community features. "Where are online highscores?", we hear you cry. Well, they are a big priority for us, so keep your eyes peeled...