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FunOrb Forum Festivities


Hi guys,

Worried that this Christmas might simply not be random enough? Do you tremble in terror at the possibility of nothing but socks this Christmas? Well fear no more. FunOrb is offering a prize with a difference for our festive themed competitions.

We have a carol competition, for those singer-songwriters out there. Just come up with a festive jingle with a FunOrb twist.

Alternatively, if you’re not the musical type, get out your camera and take a picture of something festive that relates to FunOrb. It could be a bizarre diorama that you have created, depicting a Bachelor Fridge playing Tetralink with Santa, or it could be a snowscape with a strange blue blob in it. Let your creative juices flow.

The prizes include membership, but also the “CM FunOrb Bag of Wonder”, a special FunOrb bag filled with random things that the FunOrb CM team have added to it. This may include random gifts, sweets and even the deeds to small countries (when Mod Raven takes his place as supreme ruler of the cosmos).

You can find the competitions here:

  • A FunOrb Christmas Carol Competition - Quick find code: 39-40-27-46742
  • A FunOrb Christmas Photo Competition - Quick find code: 39-40-26-46741

Also, don’t forget to check out our FunOrb advent calendar, with a special message from a J Mod each day, leading up to Christmas - it's our FunOrb Festive Countdown (Quick find code: 15-16-470-46534).

Have a great Christmas from all of us in the Community Management team!

FunOrb CM Team