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Kickabout League tournament results


What a game! With 775 players signed up for the tournament, it needed something special to come out on top!

The final of the Kickabout League tournament turned into a bit of a cracker with Ime34 finally taking the trophy and the accolade of Best Kickabout League Player! Huge congratulations and we hope the framed Brazilian shirt - signed by none other than Pelé - is sitting above your mantelpiece as we write!

Coming a very close second was Elias Afghan who put in a fantastic effort and showed some great skill along the way.

In third we had Codylakustac, and in fourth came Swordzman Az. I think it's fair to say that everybody who watched any of these guys' games came away pretty impressed!

We hope you enjoyed the tournament. It certainly kept our minds off England's dire World Cup performance! ;-)

Congratulations once again to Ime34, and a huge thank you to all who got involved!

Mod Markg
FunOrb Community Management