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Members-only: the Void Hunters beta!


Courtesy of Mod Dunk, I'm happy to announce the members-only beta of Void Hunters. It's all about hunting in the vast void of space - hunting, that is, with a custom-built spaceship, constructed from only the very best battlefield scrap! Use Sandbox Mode to build the mean, lean space fighter of your dreams, then take it online to destroy other Void Hunters' ships in an epic multiplayer battleground.

And with this project, we're trying something new. We've decided to release Void Hunters as a beta for FunOrb members only, to help us stress-test our servers, fix bugs and tweak the game balance in a real-world environment. (By limiting this beta to members, we should be able to stress-test the servers without putting too much strain on them.)

But that's not all: we know that we always get good, useful feedback from our player community, and we want you to take part in the development of Void Hunters by giving us your feedback on this beta version. Visit our forums for your chance to shape this upcoming game.

FunOrb members: play the Void Hunters beta today! Non-members will have to wait a little longer for the game to be released, but you can always subscribe to play today.

Mod Gabriel
FunOrb Editor