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Shattered Plans


This week, we have released a stunning new multiplayer game: ‘Shattered Plans’ - a galaxy-spanning strategy epic that allows up to six players to battle for supremacy and decide the fate of worlds.

The objective is simple: control as much known space as possible and wipe out your opponents. By conquering star systems, you stockpile the resources necessary to construct fleets, which can then be sent out to spread your influence further. Care will need to be taken, however: while you are out expanding your empire, you may be leaving it wide open for attack!

The game features an intuitive heads-up display, some beautiful graphics with their own unique style, and an awesome soundtrack. Gameplay takes the form of resource management, planning, aggressive tactics and gunboat diplomacy. The gameplay is not limited to gathering resources and marshalling attacks. Non-aggression pacts add to the tactical options, allowing you to create secure and peaceful frontiers. Special ‘projects’ can also be researched; for example, one project allows you to induce a solar flare, crippling your enemy, while another terraforms a world, increasing its resource production.

Every game map is randomly-generated, so no two games will ever be alike as you take on the galaxy.

So, Commander, you are now ready. The time has come to set forth your strategy for the stars, with a determination to build an empire and shatter your enemies' plans.