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The FunOrb Summer Games are almost upon us!


We know a number of you are still sweating it out on the football pitches in our Kickabout League Tournament, but we have something else up our sleeves for you to get hot under the collar about: the FunOrb Summer Games!

Yes, last year's Olympics was such a success that we thought we'd bring you more of the same - revamped and improved for 2010! We've already ordered the trophies, started polishing the medals and practised spraying champagne around the office!

We can't give away too much right now, but we can say that the event is made up of two separate competitions: The Gauntlet, and the Arcane Amphitheatre. There will also be Summer Games 2010 Achievements up for grabs for those who prove themselves in the Arcane Amphitheatre.

Want to know more? We'll soon be announcing all the details (including how to sign up), but in the meantime head over to the Summer Cafe, pop open a cool drink and share all your thoughts and ideas. Or take part in our week-long poll, and vote for the time you'd prefer our events to be held!