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Wallie Subscriptions


This week, we have released a new method of making Wallie payments. You can now make payments directly to Wallie instead of using PayByCash. This means that we can offer a faster and easier payment process when paying using Wallie.

You can still make Wallie payments using the PayByCash payment option; however, you may find that your subscription works out cheaper if you pay directly to Wallie, especially on longer subscriptions. In the future, we hope to offer an even better price with Wallie Card.

Wallie direct payments are available in Mexico and most of Europe.

Wallie cards can be purchased from local stores or from the Wallie website. They can then be redeemed by selecting 'Subscribe to FunOrb' on the front page (under the 'Join' drop-down menu) and following the prompts for using the Wallie Card payment method.